Our wedding party

Jon's attendants
  • Nick Manero, Best Man
    Nick has been a friend of Jon's since middle school, and lives and works in central MA. He is always a good sport about moving us from apartment to apartment, so we owe him big time.
  • Austin Rice, Groomsman
    Austin has been a friend of Jon's since high school at Saint John's in Shrewsbury, MA, and lives in Boylston. We hope that someday he'll move back to the city!
  • Christian Paraghamian, Groomsman
    Christian has been a friend of Jon's since middle school, and lives in Worcester. He spends his time inspiring and mentoring the youths of America!
Sarah's attendants
  • Marybeth Iani, Maid Of Honor
    Marybeth is Sarah's younger sister and currently works in marketing outside Boston. She's also a whiz at planning, and has been invaluable as a sounding board (and letting Sarah borrow her clothes!).
  • Kristen Young, Bridesmaid
    Kristen was Sarah's college roommate, and works in Historical Preservation in Connecticut. Kristen is also getting married this summer, so she's been great for talking wedding planning at all hours of the day. :)
  • Rachel Cartwright, Bridesmaid
    Rachel was Sarah's RA and has been close friend since college. Rachel is a Manhattan lawyer, which will undoubtedly come in handy someday, and Sarah is constantly grateful for Rachel's frequent visits up to Boston.
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